Every once in a while something will be caught on video that's too good not to share. The most recent capture includes two videos of a B.C. orca whale pod with members bursting out of the water for everyone to see. They swam up super close to the videographer to show him what they were munching on. 

Whales are known to hang out in B.C.'s waters, but getting a glimpse of them can be rare. 

When 22-year-old Josh Goodman and his friends went out wakeboarding up Indian Arm on Saturday, September 19, they never expected to get the views of a lifetime

In an interview with Narcity, Goodman stated that the group was travelling up the tip of Crocker Island when they noted a small cluster of boats. 

“Initially we thought they were a group of fishers trying to catch the far end of the Pink salmon run,” said Goodman. 

After going over there, the team noticed the other boat didn’t have any rods in the water. 

Just moments after arriving, he and his crew noticed a pod of Orcas breaching about 200 meters in the distance, so he pulled out his camera and turned off the boat so he could record.

This is when he captured not one, but two iconic videos of the pod. 

In the first clip, you can see a whale approach the boat. It gets incredibly close and honestly, it's giving us chills to see.

The whale is so close at times, it looks as though it's going to run straight into the boat. 

At the nose of the whale, you can see that it’s carrying a harbour seal carcass. 

Clearly the whales were having a mid-afternoon snack. 

In the second video, the pod is seen throwing themselves out of the water, totally breaching their bodies. 

Acting very playful, the whales continuously spray the air causing quite a commotion. 

They breached for a good 30 minutes before stopping and going on their way.

“I have never experienced this myself but I’ve heard of them being up this channel before. It’s a rare sight and some could say once in a lifetime,” said Goodman. 

Both the videos have been posted to Goodman's Facebook where they are getting tons of love and attention. 

Let this be a lesson to always keep your camera ready. You never know what you might come across. 

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