An American was arrested by Niagara Regional Police on July 22 for driving into Canada without stopping at the border.

The American man arrested in Niagara, identified as 33-year-old Harpreet Singh, was driving a Ford Explorer with Florida license plates.

Police say he was driving erratically and attempted to evade police, before crashing into a marked cruiser.

The Ford failed to stop, and proceeded unlawfully through the Canadian Border, failing to stop for CBSA officers.

Niagara Regional Police Service

During the arrest, an officer was assaulted and received minor injuries.

Singh also damaged a police cruiser by kicking it and bit a nurse at the hospital where he was taken for assessment.

Singh has since been charged for seven separate offences. He also had drugs on him at the time, suspected to be oxycodone and hydrocodone.

He will appear in court in Niagara Falls on July 23.

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