Toronto Zoo's red pandas have suffered a tragedy, as the Zoo reported in a saddening statement on their Facebook page this afternoon that one of the newborns has died.

The cub, which was born only a week ago on Tuesday, July 14, had been found weak on Sunday and was transported to the Zoo's Wildlife Health Centre ICU.

Being the first red panda cubs born at the Zoo since 1996, it is with heavy hearts that our team mourns this significant loss.

Toronto Zoo

Shortly after being placed back with its mom, the same cub appeared cold, dehydrated, and lethargic, says the Zoo. They placed it in an incubator to try to help its condition.

Sadly, this cub, which was one of the first two born to the Zoo in 24 years, passed away overnight.

Zoo staff noted in the post that the first five weeks are vital for red panda cubs. It will continue to monitor the second cub closely.

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