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Nick Cordero’s Wife Amanda Kloots Posts Unseen ‘Gems’ She Found On His Phone (VIDEO)

She also shared a shot of the hundreds of text messages he received over the months.

Reminiscing on the good times. Nick Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots recently shared a bunch of unseen photos and videos she found on her late husband's phone. The Canadian actor died this week after a 95-day-long battle with COVID-19 complications.

Cordero leaves behind his wife of three years and their one-year-old son, Elvis Eduardo.

Soon after the 41-year-old's death, Kloots shared video montages that document their five-year-long relationship, beginning all the way from day one.

Cordero's good friend Zach Braff also discussed the Hamilton-born Broadway star's "tragic" final days. That includes his wife being unable to visit him in the hospital due to social distancing measures. 

Braff is among a host of celebrities who took to social media to share their devastation over Cordero's death. 

It seems some also reached out to him personally based on hundreds of texts Kloots found in her husband's phone. 

Taking to Instagram stories, the mom of one shared, "I was really lucky today. I woke up and I just immediately remembered Nick's password to his cell phone which has been with me since I took his belongings at the hospital."

Kloots continued, "I was recovering a lot of photos and I saw text messages from so many people from April till now."

She showed his phone that has "832 texts since he went in a coma."

amandakloots | Instagram

"I looked at Nick's phone today and found some gems that I'll share with you," Kloots wrote on a photo of her husband and son that was taken in mid-March.

amandakloots | Instagram

She followed that with more photos of Cordero and his son.

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amandakloots | Instagram

Kloots posted videos her husband took of himself including one where he made up a song on the spot.

"You can make a song about anything. About a car or bus or bird that sings," he sang. "You can make a song about a bell that rings, you can make a song about anything."

He also rhymed "Freddy dog, hot dog, London fog", and "tree leaves, shirt sleeves, bumblebees".

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A series of photos shows the family on a picnic and Kloots cradling her son.

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amandakloots | Instagram

amandakloots | Instagram

The final snap shows Cordero all dressed up from April 2019.

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Also on her Instagram story, Kloots told her followers that she plans to eventually open up about Cordero's final moments. 

"I will share with you one day about those last couple hours with Nick because they were really beautiful and ironic a little bit," Kloots said.