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'No He Does Not': Twitter Is Shutting Down President Trump After Controversial Tweet

Twitter blew UP after this one.
'No He Does Not': Twitter Is Shutting Down President Trump After Controversial Tweet

As Election Day continues in Georgia, President Trump has again caught himself under fire after a controversial Tweet.

The president made a claim via Twitter that Vice President Mike Pence has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors, little did he know he had just sparked a trending statement on the social media platform.

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The words "NO HE DOES NOT" are trending. No hashtag. Just people screaming into the void that Pence can't overturn an election. Fred Wellman 

Some knowledgeable Tweeters were quick to reply with facts that shut down the president's statement, while others simply replied by saying "No He Does Not."

It seems that some wanted to get the message out fast and effectively so nobody would believe and be scared by the president's claims.

Some were even straight-up aggravated by Trump's tweet so they fired some pretty harsh words towards the president. 

The New York Times took time to deep dive into some documents to confirm whether or not Pence has this power, and long story short, no he does not.

Though, Mike Pence does, in fact, have a significant responsibility, which is to simply open envelopes containing votes from the electoral college and confirm their authenticity, which will then lead to him declaring the winner using very clear instructions.

The video below shows former Vice President Joe Biden going through this process in 2016 following President Trump's victory, which of course was met with much resistance from House representatives.

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