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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is reminding Americans and other international visitors that non-essential travel into Canada is still a no-go, despite an update to the rules for fully vaccinated Canadians.

In a notice shared on July 2, the CBSA wished Americans a "Happy Independence Day Weekend," before telling tourists that Canada's travel restrictions remain in place right now.

The CBSA explained that the ban on non-essential trips includes camping, hiking, sightseeing and boating across the border.

The notice adds that tourism, social events and "visiting or checking on a cottage" are also considered to be discretionary reasons for travel.

While some measures will be lifted for eligible fully vaccinated Canadians as of July 5, this will not apply to tourists or foreign travellers for now.

Canada's international borders remain closed until at least July 21, although discussions are reportedly ongoing about reopening the shared border with the United States.

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