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If you don't live in an area where seeing the northern lights is common and have always wanted to see it, you might be able to spot the aurora this weekend.

Earlier in the week, there was an eruption from the surface of the sun that led forecasters with a U.S. government agency to issue a G2 geomagnetic storm watch.

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With a storm of this strength, the southernmost visibility of the aurora is expected to dip down as far as Southern Ontario, which means all of Canada could see the northern lights dance across the sky if conditions are good.

According to The Weather Network, this will most likely happen on Sunday night, but it could happen earlier than expected so you should also keep an eye on the sky on Saturday night.

If you want to catch the show, the Canadian Space Agency recommends getting away from light pollution because it can make a low-intensity aurora invisible, checking the weather because clouds or a full moon can make it hard to see, and looking all around you because it could appear anywhere in the sky.

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