What The Pandemic’s After Party Is Actually Gonna Look Like In Canada

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Here we are, back at the digital dive bar. The latest episode of Now On Narcity is up on all podcasting platforms and ready for your listening pleasure.

This week, your hosts Brit, Lea, Tyeler and Cormac are hopping into a time machine and going to the future.

In This Episode

We chat about the three things that Canadians are looking forward to most in a post-pandemic world. Beyond that, we dive into just how many people in the country have said that they're itching to hop on a plane and the lengths that travel companies are going to in order to get people to start travelling again.

Naturally, we've got a couple of wild travel-related headlines to break down with you.

We cap it off with a deep dive into a comment made by Quebec's premier, François Legault, where he revealed what he thinks Montrealers are paying for rent. It doesn't sound like Legault listens to our podcast and so his guess is a little off.

We're not going to lie, things got weird this week in the best kind of way. Pull up a stool.


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