In terms of things to do after the COVID-19 pandemic, it's been revealed what Canadians are looking forward to and they're wanting to do quite a bit!

A new survey from Scotiabank delves into what those are and lays out the big things that are on people's bucket lists for once the pandemic is over.

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When it comes to the top three things Canadians want to do the most post-pandemic, 30% of people said attending large gatherings with family and friends, 16% said travelling by air outside of Canada and 14% said dining at a restaurant with friends.

Even though people are already planning on travelling internationally, a lot are also considering a vacation within the country and some Canadian destinations are more popular than others right now.

Rounding out the top 10, 9% of people said taking a road trip outside of the country, 7% said enjoying the outdoors at a busy beach or park, 6% said shopping indoors at a mall or store, 5% said seeing a movie in a theatre, 5% said attending a live sporting event or concert, 5% said enjoying a spa day and 4% said working out at a gym or taking a fitness class.