26% Of Canadians Think The Worst Of The Pandemic Is Yet To Come, A New Survey Says

And the pessimism is growing still. 😬

26% Of Canadians Think The Worst Of The Pandemic Is Yet To Come, A New Survey Says

More Canadians are pessimistic about the future of the COVID-19 pandemic than they have been in months, new survey data suggests.

An online survey from Leger conducted in early September says that 26% of Canadians think the worst of the pandemic is ahead of us — the highest percentage of people with that belief since April.

Twenty-one percent of the 1,549 respondents said they think that Canada is currently experiencing the worst of the pandemic, with both viewpoints trending upwards as the country's fourth wave continues.

Still, despite the pessimism, the most commonly held belief among those surveyed is that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is now behind Canada, with 36% of respondents selecting that answer.

But seeing as that figure was above 60% just a few months ago, another pandemic winter might put a dent in that optimism yet.

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Narcity Staff

Until very recently, I had started to believe that I simply may never catch COVID-19. Like many others, despite regular testing, I had never received a positive result and had successfully dodged the classic symptoms at every turn since March 2020.

However, all of that changed on Christmas Day, 2021.

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