Ontario Snowstorms Are Hitting In A 'Snow Parade' Into Mid-Week

Snowstorms are hitting southern parts of Ontario for consecutive days and it's being called a "snow parade."

The Weather Network is forecasting that multiple systems will move through into next week with lots of snow possible in some areas. 

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Southern Ontario is being buried on February 13 with winds that will bring heavy snowfall to the west end of Lake Ontario.

Overnight on Sunday and into Monday, another system will move through that has the potential to bring widespread snow throughout the day.

After that, the winter "snow parade" continues into Tuesday with a significant storm set to make an impact with up to 20 centimetres forecasted.

There's another system expected for later in the week, which meteorologist Doug Gillham said could make the seven-day snowfall totals "rather impressive with the parade of storms."

Happy shovelling!

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