If the stay-at-home order now in effect for Ontario isn’t enough of a reason to not leave your house, then the weather surely will be.

According to The Weather Network, a snowstorm is headed for Ontario through this weekend, followed by freezing temperatures due to arctic air.

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While temperatures will be relatively mild throughout Thursday, things begin to change on Friday, where there will be “a rain-snow mix down through extreme southern Ontario” and “up in northern Ontario will just bring in snow” says meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal. 

This low-pressure system could have a significant impact on eastern Ontario, possibly bringing “a major snowstorm for the Ottawa Valley along the 401” according to Whittal.

The snowstorm is just a precursor to some truly, frigid cold weather, however.

Beginning next week, “we’ll have two rounds of true arctic air, some of the coldest air that we have seen as of late” Whittal goes on to say.

During that first gust of arctic air moving in, temperatures could reach as low as -20 C with windchill for areas such as Timmins and Chapleau, with Toronto keeping relatively warm with an estimated low of -7 C.

But according to Whittal, for “a hint of what’s to come, all you’ve got to do is look north” where temperatures could reach below -40 C for some areas in northern Canada.

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