Your swimsuit and favourite floaty are all you're going to need when moving into this spot. This home for sale in Ontario hovers off the ground, and it even has an elevated pool. With towering views and a rooftop patio, you'll feel like you're living in the sky. Ontario's treehouse home for sale isn't for anyone who's afraid of heights.

You can wake up with your head in the clouds at this unique house.

Located in Pelham, Ontario, this five-bedroom elevated home is on the market for $3,499,000.

Nicknamed the "Tree House", the 4,600 square foot building features a suspended living area and dreamy rooftop patio.

The floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic treetop views of the Niagara skyline and surrounding countryside.

The first floor welcomes you into the ultimate mancave, complete with a gym, home theatre, and roll-up garage door.

There's an elevator to the second floor for when you don't feel like moving, or you can take the unique floating staircase.

The top floor consists of a luxurious penthouse suite with its own theatre and balcony overlooking the yard.

One of the coolest features of the home is the rooftop deck and pool.

Located off the second level, the towering patio is the only place you'll want to spend your summer days.

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A 2,000 square foot covered terrace offers a spot to relax in the shade, and the dining and BBQ area is the ultimate place for a party.

A 47-foot saltwater lap pool stretches along the side of the patio.

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You'll feel like you're swimming through the sky in this elevated water oasis.

If you want something a little closer to the ground, this home for sale in Ontario also comes with a swimming pool paradise.

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Complete with a waterslide, sandy beach, and even palm trees, you'll never need to go on vacation again.

Start dreaming about this floating dream home for sale!

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Tree House

Price: $3,499,000

Address: 120 Overholt Rd., Pelham, ON

Description: This suspended home has a dreamy floating pool and rooftop patio.

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