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Central Florida Weather Forecast Heat Indexes Will Soar To Triple Digits This Week

As Tropical Storm Isaias blows out of Florida, scorching temps are replacing its rain and wind with Central Florida’s heat index weather forecast showing rises to the triple digits today and throughout the week.

Central Florida temps are forecasted to stay in the low 90s for the rest of the week, with high humidity up to 66% for today, and an extreme UV Index.

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...Temperatures in the low to middle 90s with high humidity will lead to afternoon heat indexes of 102 to 107 degrees.

National Weather Service

This makes Central Florida much more humid than Death Valley, which is showing 6% humidity on, and almost just as hot, as its peak temperature today will be 116 degrees.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has listed an excessive heat impact under their Hazardous Weather Outlook issued for today, while FOX 35 forecasts heat indexes to hover between 100 and 102 degrees as the week goes on.

The NWS warns that if you do go outside, make sure to stay hydrated and seek shade or A/C when you can.

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