There's A Lazy River In Orlando That Leads You Into A Hidden Aviary Full Of Friendly Birds

Float into paradise!
discovery cove orlando lazy river

Imagine floating down a lazy river and all of a sudden you find yourself in a tropical aviary full of exotic birds. Does that sound a little too surreal? Because it's not! You won't have to imagine it any longer because it's part of the experience at Discover Cove in Orlando.

The day resort, which is celebrating its 20th year, has become a fan favorite of the sprawling theme park resorts that sit just off of Orlando's famed International Drive.

Part of the numerous attractions that you can experience at this park is Tropical River, a lazy river that will mosey you along an encircled track with plenty of interesting stops along the way.

One of the highlights of the river is floating through the Explorer's Aviary.

The aviary is part of the park's lush tropical area, featuring an assortment of exotic birds in a re-created natural habitat.

While you have the option to continue floating on by, if you choose to stop there are dozens of free-flying feathered friends just ready to meet and greet you.

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You can even share a bowl of food with the birds and get your photo taken to remember your unique encounter for a lifetime. 

Hanging out with these feathered creatures isn't the only memorable experience you'll have on the Tropical River.

It will also take you through an underwater grotto that leads you into The Grand Reef, home to the park's resort-style white sand beach, a palm-tree filled island, and a chance to interact with the reef's many tropical sea life, from tropical fish to moray eels.

Tropical River at Discovery Cove 

Admission: $119 (experience included with admission) 

Address: 6000 Discovery Way, Orlando, FL

Why You Should Go: This lush, tropical river will take you through Discovery Cove's misty beautiful lands, which includes tropical birds and sea life. 


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