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Associate Editor Jenna Kelley drinking a margarita. Right: EPCOT.

Associate Editor Jenna Kelley drinking a margarita. Right: EPCOT.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity, Mehmet Guvenc | Dreamstime

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There's an unspoken rule for those 21+ years old to have a little extra fun at Walt Disney World's EPCOT that only locals really know about. With an international theme, it's a secret trend to create a fake DIY "passport" and drink around the world.

The whole resort features 11 pavilions allowing you to enter different countries with curated food and beverage menus. The challenge is to grab a drink at each pavilion and make your way around the globe — only, you never leave the park and you want to make sure you're drinking responsibly.

When you think of Walt Disney World, most likely you're thinking about the rides, the food and the animated characters in costumes, so this is definitely a fun way to add extra zest to your day.

I'll tell you exactly how I "drank in 11 countries," but I must warn you to proceed with caution unless you're up for the boozy ride.

Before you go, make shirts.

Jenna Kelley drinking a margarita.

Jenna Kelley drinking a margarita.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

When I went, we didn't make passports, but we did make matching shirts. I chose "Sleeping Boozy" and my friend was "Buzzed Lightyear." It was a Disney vibe with an adult twist. This is of course optional, but it adds to the fun.

Yes, we walked around the park like that and it was glorious. I recommend making the passport if you go with a large group of people, that way you guys can compare who went to what country the next day.

When you arrive, pick a side to start on.

You can either start in Mexico or Canada.

We wanted to start our day with margaritas, so we chose Mexico. Each pavilion has drinks and food items that are especially made from the different cultures and popular foods of each country.

Continue to each pavilion and try their different menu offerings.

Japan at EPCOT.

Japan at EPCOT.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

​If you start in Mexico, you make your way to Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and then Canada.

Of course, if you start in Canada, you do the opposite route.

My favorite pavilions were Italy, China and Japan because it was so scenic, the decorations looked like as if you were transported to the country, and the drinks were delicious.

Stop at all the shops if you can.

One of the best parts about "drinking around the world" is that you are going to the theme parks to check out the design and enjoy the park without jumping on constant rollercoasters all day.

I took advantage of the opportunity and make sure I saw all of the different tourist stops.

Even though I'm a local, I loved looking at the various stores as they had trinkets and products that were authentic to the country you were shopping in.

Take a picture in each country for the memories.

China at EPCOT.

China at EPCOT.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity

This will be such an iconic album for you and your friends to see. I went when it was at the height of COVID-19 and traveling was restricted, so it was such a joy for us to pretend like we actually went to these places.

It was scratching that itch to travel without actually hopping on a plane.

    Jenna Kelley
    Florida Associate Editor
    Jenna Kelley is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
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