The Sunshine State is home to some enchanting springs. The springs in Florida are incredibly diverse, from a rare emerald green spring to crystal blue waters where you can see its teeming wildlife. Near Orlando, there's an easy Florida hiking trail that leads to some of the most gorgeous springs around.

Called the Spring-To-Spring Trail, this trail lays midway between Daytona Beach and Orlando and is a paved route that links the area's watery oases.

You can either take your bike along for the ride, or hike by foot to see the beauty of these ecological feats, and the best part of all is that it's totally easy to use.

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How long is the trail?

The Spring-To-Spring Trail is currently 15 miles long and acts as a connector between Gemini Springs Park and DeLeon Springs State Park.

The Spring-To-Spring trail was built and designed to allow bikers, hikers, and even inline skaters and people with disabilities the chance to connect to the region's famed springs.

There are a total of five trailheads that will allow you access to each of the springs that are connected to the trail.

While most of the trail has been built, there are certain segments that are still in the process of being developed.

Which springs are connected to the trail?

Most of the springs located in Volusia County are connected to the trail.

A total of four springs can be accessed by the Spring-To-Spring trail. The trail starts at DeLeon Spring State Park in DeLeon Springs, a place with years of history within the park.

The other in is Gemini Springs Park, a county park in DeBary that is free for all those to enter.

Attached to the trail is Blue Springs State Park, which stays at 72-degrees year-round and is home to manatees, as well as Green Springs Park, one of the few green sulfur springs left in Florida.

Is there an admission fee to take on the trail? 

Nope, there is no admission to access the trail!

While the trail itself is free for you to use, keep in mind that some of the springs connected to the trail may require admission.

Blue Spring and DeLeon Springs state parks may require an admission fee to access the springs. The Green Springs and Gemini Springs parks, both of which are under Volusia County Parks and Recreation, are free to enter.

There is also no swimming allowed at Green Springs Park, but still plenty of spots to stop admire the refreshing waters.

Spring-To-Spring Trail

Price: FREE

Address: Between DeLeon Springs State Park and Gemini Springs Park

Why You Need To Go: An easy paved trail that connects to enchanting springs.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.