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A former Disney College Program cast member for Walt Disney World spilled the tea about what really goes on behind the scenes at the amusement park. He said his statute of limitations is up, his NDA is up, and nothing is holding him back.

A creator, Tom Cruz, uploaded a TikTok video on May 21, saying that he worked for the theme park back in 2009, and nearly 14 years later, he can talk about his experience. The video received 2.8 million views and 225.1K likes as people were on the edges of their seats to find out what the students were up to.

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Florida's high-speed Brightline train is expanding to Orlando in 2023, and tickets just went on sale for the first trip scheduled for this September.

The luxurious travel option is already active in Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, and the Orlando station is nearly ready to open to the public, with tickets now on sale through the Brightline website and the app. That means customers can start planning a trip months in advance before the new northernmost location opens in the fall.

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Summer vacation is just around the corner, and the top destination will make you say, "Goodbye beaches." TripAdvisor ranked the top places to visit in the world and domestically, and one Florida city topped the charts for both lists, but it's not Miami.

Orlando, FL took the No. 1 spot for domestic travel and No. 9 globally.

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There's a charming city just outside of Orlando, Florida, that is home to hole-in-the-wall restaurants with incredible food and cocktail displays. Mount Dora should be next on your summer bucket list, as it is the perfect day trip destination to spend time with your friends in the Sunshine State for a unique adventure.

This lesser-known city has a small-town southern vibe with antique stores and adorable boutiques to shop for clothes, plants, and even tea. Plus, visitors love to stroll around and try the eclectic cuisines the marketplace has to offer.

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Universal Studios in Orlando, FL has rolled out a deal where you can have a five-day fun-filled family vacation with a massive discount, and you don't even need to be a Florida resident to get the perk.

If you purchase a three-day ticket, you can get two days free and you get to visit both parks, including Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

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