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Here Are The 9 Best Disney World Rides According To Each State In The US

One ride is a very clear fan favorite. 🎢

Disney World has captured the hearts of millions and has rightfully earned the title of "The Most Magical Place on Earth."

But some attractions in the massive park seem to win visitors over more than others, and a recent study done by Upgraded Points was able to find out which rides are the most popular among citizens in each state across the United States.

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This Hiking Trail In Orlando Will Lead You To A Forest Filled With Ancient Oak Trees

Winnie The Pooh would love this place! 🌲

There is an enchanting place in the heart of The Sunshine State that would make Winnie The Pooh feel right at home. The Split Oak Forest near Orlando gives off the feeling that you're wandering within the Hundred Acre Wood. It seems as if Pooh and the gang will come out and greet you as soon as you enter.

This forest sits on the border between Orange and Osceola counties and is filled with towering live oak trees and scenic trails that will give you a break from the grind of city life.

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You Can Hike & Bike To Florida's Best Springs On This Easy Trail

Take a bike ride or hike to these awesome springs! 🚴

The Sunshine State is home to some enchanting springs. The springs in Florida are incredibly diverse, from a rare emerald green spring to crystal blue waters where you can see its teeming wildlife. Near Orlando, there's an easy Florida hiking trail that leads to some of the most gorgeous springs around.

Called the Spring-To-Spring Trail, this trail lays midway between Daytona Beach and Orlando and is a paved route that links the area's watery oases.

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This Easy Florida Hike Leading To Haunting Ruins Is The Perfect Spooky Fall Adventure

This trail will lead you on a spooky adventure! 👻

There is a trail on the East Coast of The Sunshine State that will lead you straight to a spectacularly chilling site. This Florida hiking trail, Bulow Woods Trail, leads to the haunting ruins of an old plantation. The easy trail makes for a perfectly spooky adventure to get right in the Halloween mood.

The Bulow Woods Trail will take you 6.8 miles into the old tropical growth of the state park.

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This Easy Florida Hike Is A Hidden Oasis In The Middle Of The City

A spark of wild in the middle of the suburbs!🍃

Orlando is a thriving hub of activity, and there’s always something to do. From thrilling coasters to endless shopping options to some of the most creative dining experiences you’ll ever try, you’ll exhaust yourself long before you even make a dent in your to-do list. But for the times when you need to escape the city and get a breath of fresh air, one Florida hiking spot, Bear Creek Nature Trail, is a hidden oasis among the bustling streets.

This tropical island brings a spark of natural beauty to the sea of suburbia surrounding it.

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You Can Camp On The Beach Beneath A Sea Of Stars At This Florida State Park

Fall asleep to lapping waves and starry skies.🌌

The Sunshine State offers tons of amazing campsites to pitch your tent at. From deep forest canopies to vast fields of stars, the sights are endlessly gorgeous. But imagine falling asleep to the sound of gently lapping waves with the Milky Way stretched out above you. One Florida camping spot on the beach will give you just such an experience, where you can set up your tent right on the shore.

The Canaveral National Seashore allows beach bums to stay overnight and camp right on the sand. There are 14 different backcountry island campsites to choose from, perfect to get away from the crowds.

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