A three-legged Florida Black Bear in an Orlando neighborhood was looking for something to drink this morning.

In a video from Fox 35 News, the bear was seen in a neighborhood garage on Monday morning in Longwood and tried to make off with a two-litter Diet Coke.

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He picked up a two-liter Diet Coke with his teeth and tried to carry it away.

FOX 35 News 

Apparently, this isn't the big guy's first foray into this suburban neighborhood.

According to WESH-TV in Orlando, neighbors posted a video of the three-legged bear roaming through the neighborhood a year ago.

The neighbors told the station that the bear didn't appear to be under duress, as he was moving just fine.

This was echoed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation at the time, who said that, despite missing a leg, the black bear was able to take good care of himself.

"It appears to be thriving," Chad Weber of the FFWCC told WESH.

As far as his most recent outing, the bear appeared to enjoy his sip of the soda before scurrying back into the woods.