Canadian Government Airline Bailout Could Mean Full Refunds For COVID-19 Cancellations

"It absolutely must be tied to refunds for passengers."💰
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Airline Refunds Could Be On The Cards For Canadians As Part Of A Government Bailout

If you’re still waiting for an airline refund for a flight affected by COVID-19, help could soon be on the horizon.

As the federal government considers taking a stake in Canada’s airlines, opposition parties have made it clear that passenger refunds must be a condition of the bailout.

Per a report from CTV News, both the Conservatives and the NDP said reimbursements for travellers must be secured before any company is supported.

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If sector support is provided, it absolutely must be tied to refunds for passengers.

MP Stephanie Kusie

On Sunday, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc said that the federal government is “very much discussing” the idea of taking a stake in Canada’s airlines.

However, he acknowledged that Canadians would expect significant conditions attached to such a deal, particularly with regard to refunds and travel vouchers.

Airlines have been struggling since the beginning of the pandemic and multiple Canadian companies have faced class-action lawsuits as customers demand cash reimbursements for flights that were altered or cancelled.

That said, Canada’s transport minister previously warned that the industry could fail altogether if they started to return payments in full.

If the federal government did decide to bail out the country's airlines, the deal could include companies like WestJet, Air Canada and more.

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