Andrew Scheer's House Of Commons Last Day As Conservative Leader Was A Rowdy One

Lots of cheers and applause on Parliament Hill. Andrew Scheer's House of Commons appearance marking his last day as the leader of the opposition was a rowdy one. He took swings at Justin Trudeau as soon as he started speaking.

In Ottawa on August 12, Scheer attended his last House of Commons sitting as the Conservative leader.

When the Speaker of the House turned it over to Scheer for him to speak, he got cheers and applause from his fellow Conservative MPs.

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"Well, Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has had enough. He's tired of accountability and facing tough questions," he said.

Trudeau wasn't at this sitting as he's been off of work since August 1. 

Scheer said that Trudeau could have picked any days he wanted to have these four sittings during the summer.

"So can the person auditioning for the role of Prime Minister today please tell us why the Prime Minister picked today if he wasn't going to show up," he said.

That remark earned him cheers from his colleagues and some of his party's MPs even gave him a standing ovation for it.

They were so boisterous in their support for the out-going leader even when Liberal MP Bardish Chagger got up to respond to Scheer.

The Speaker of the House had to interrupt and told the politicians to "keep it down" because he couldn't hear the answer.

"It looks like my last question period as leader of the Conservative Party is just like my first, warm, sunny and the Prime Minister nowhere to be found," Scheer said.

His fellow MPs laughed at that one.

The Conservative leader also spoke about the WE Charity controversy.

He asked why the organization was already spending money three days before Trudeau said he pushed back choosing the organization to run the Canada Student Service Grant.

A new Conservative Party leader will be chosen by mail-in ballot before the end of this month.

The internal election was triggered after Scheer announced that he was stepping down from the role in December 2019.