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The Bloc Québécois Leader Wants Trudeau To Resign Or He'll Seek An Election

He also wants the finance minister and the PM's chief of staff gone.
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WE Charity Controversy: Bloc Québécois Leader Wants The PM To Resign Or He'll Seek An Election

Could we be heading to the polls soon? The WE Charity controversy has led the Bloc Québécois leader to call for Justin Trudeau's resignation or he'll seek an election. He also wants the finance minister and the Prime Minister's chief of staff gone.

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet spoke to reporters on August 12 about the controversy surrounding the Prime Minister and members of his Liberal government.

He had said a few weeks ago that Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau should resign.

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Blanchet noted that them being involved with the controversy has disqualified them from doing the job they were elected to do.

Now, he wants the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Katie Telford gone as well.

"Things are getting worse," the Bloc leader said.

According to Blanchet, it's getting to a point where we have to decide if it's worse to keep this government in place or have a temporary disruption in the management of the crisis to hold an election.

He also noted that an election might replace the current government with people who are better suited for the job.

"This government might not be worthy of our trust anymore," Blanchet said.

When a reporter asked if this is an ultimatum, Blanchet confirmed that it is.

"They must go," he said.

Blanchet was also asked if it's safe to hold an election during a pandemic when people are asked to stay home and keep their distance from others.

"Which is more dangerous, the mismanagement of a crisis or taking the time to change the people who are managing the crisis?" He said.

Though he won't give a definitive answer about it. That will be left to Parliament.

No formal discussions have happened between the opposition parties.

The Bloc leader fears that the Conservatives won't want to go into an election even though their comments about the government have been "severe."

Blanchet said that there has been as little discussion as possible between his party and the NDP "which doesn't seem to be worthy of it."

Back in June, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was thrown out of the House for calling a Bloc MP racist.

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