Canadians Are Being Warned About Scammers Asking For CERB Repayments

No, the CRA does not send texts.
Canadians Are Being Warned About Scammers Asking For CERB Repayments

Canadians have been receiving help from the government during these difficult times. However, the topic of CERB repayment has been an anxious one for some people. There are those who want to take advantage of this, and the CRA is warning everyone to be vigilant for scams.

In a July 23 tweet, the Canada Revenue Agency issued a warning about scammers asking for people to start paying back the money they got from the emergency benefit.

"Did someone ask you to repay #CERB or #CEWS?" the tweet reads, "Beware of fraudulent emails, texts or calls claiming to be from us. Here’s how to tell the difference between a #scam and legitimate communications from us."

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The message includes a link to the CRA scam page, which also has a new warning highlighted at the top with information pertaining to the CERB.

It says to watch out for any messages that might tell you that you received a benefit payment. These will often include a link and ask people to follow it.

"Do not reply or click on the link, delete the text and warn others," the CRA says. 

The agency has a list of what people can expect in a legitimate communication from them.

They note that they will not request any financial information to be sent through email, and that they will never ask you to click on a link.

They also want people to know that they never communicate through text message, so if you get one claiming to be from them, you can immediately know it's not legitimate.

Canadians who have received the CERB by mistake have been told that they will have to pay it back next year at tax time. 

The CRA has certified ways of doing this, available on their website. The amount can be paid back by mail, through online banking, or through the My Account system.

Fraudulent activity occurring with CERB applications has been a hot button issue, especially among members of the Conservative Party.

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