Canadians Are Set To Get Paid Sick Days For COVID-19 In The $19 Billion Safe Restart Plan

There are seven priority areas for this funding.
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COVID-19 In Canada Help From The Federal Government For Provinces & Territories Is Over $19B

This is a lot of money. COVID-19 in Canada has led the federal government to give more than $19 billion to the provinces and territories. Those funds will go towards things like helping workers who don't have sick days.

As part of the government's Safe Restart Agreement, the multibillion-dollar investment will be given to provinces and territories so they can reopen safely and restart their economies.

The hope is to also make Canada more resilient to any future waves of COVID-19.

There are seven priority areas that the Prime Minister and all the premiers agreed on for where the money will go over the next six to eight months.

One of the areas is enhanced testing, contact tracing, data management and information sharing.

Then there are investments in healthcare along with support for vulnerable Canadians like those living in long term care homes.

Funding will also go towards securing sources of PPE.

Another area is ensuring there are enough safe childcare spaces available for when parents start going back to work.

There will be funds given to support municipalities.

Also, the money from this $19 billion investment will go towards a temporary income support program.

That will give 10 paid sick days related to COVID-19 for workers who don't have paid sick leave.

"As we continue to deal with the impacts of the virus, we are committed to working with the provinces and territories to provide the support they need to help Canadians make it through this crisis," said Justin Trudeau in a press release.

Though to actually get the money, every province and territory has to outline to the federal government how the funds will be used.

"With Canadians doing their part and following public health guidelines, we are able to gradually and safely restart our economy," Trudeau said.

The money given as part of the Safe Restart Agreement is on top of funds already given by the federal government to the provinces and territories.

That includes $500 million for healthcare systems, $129 million to help Canada's north and up to $3 billion to increase wages for essential workers.

Other supports from the government to help out Canadians have been extended like the CERB and the wage subsidy.

Though Manitoba has offered to pay people $2,000 so they stop taking the CERB and start working again.

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