Manitoba Will Pay People $2,000 To Stop Taking The CERB & Get Back To Work

The Premier said it's time to kick the benefit "to the curb."
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Manitoba Job Restart Program Will Give People $2000 To Get Back To Work

One province is exploring a new approach to economic reopenings. The Manitoba Job Restart program has been introduced by the provincial government, and it will give people money to get back to work again. The aim is to get Manitobans to ditch the CERB.

Premier Brian Pallister announced on June 23 that qualified Manitobans will soon get $2,000 to help them return to work.

"We've heard from many employers and employees that it's time to kick the CERB to the curb," he said.

Pallister claimed that the CERB, and other benefits provided by the federal government, have stopped Canadians from returning to work ASAP.

The new program will give Manitobans an initial payment of $500, plus three additional bi-weekly payments of $500.

To get the money from this program, locals will have to stop claiming the CERB, CESB or any other federal benefits.

To get the first $500 payment, eligible people will also have to actively return to work within Manitoba, to a role that's at least 30 hours per week.

A declaration will also have to be completed every two weeks, to ensure the person claiming the cash has retained the job.

Manitoba's health guidelines for workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic will also have to be followed.

Applications for the program are available from June 26, and will be accepted through July 31.

The money received through this is considered a taxable benefit.

Manitoba will be fully financing the program, so there are no contributions to be made from employers.

Pallister also noted that if the uptake of the new program is significant, more funding will be made available.

"The Manitoba Job Restart program could help bring tens of thousands of Manitobans back to work safely and help our economy recover," Pallister said in a news release.

This week, some people noticed that they'd received smaller CERB payments than usual, due to previous advances and multiple applications.

Justin Trudeau announced on June 16 that the CERB eligibility period would be extended by eight weeks, to help Canadians who are struggling to return to work right now.

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