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Health Canada Has Recalled Even More Hand Sanitizers Because They're Unsafe (VIDEO)

Stop using them if you have them.
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Hand Sanitizer Recall Canada Has Got More Products Added To The List

Check this list before you put on sanitizer! The hand sanitizer recall in Canada has just got more products added to it.

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On July 21, a bunch of hand sanitizers were put on the list of products that are unsafe and might put your health at risk.

Possible adverse reactions to the ingredients in these products may include dermatitis, such as skin irritation and cracking; eye irritation; upper respiratory system irritation; and headaches.

Health Canada

They're made with ethanol or denaturants that aren't acceptable for use in hand sanitizers in Canada.

Denaturants are added to ethanol so it's unfit for human consumption.

Some of those haven't been approved for use in hand sanitizers in Canada which means that they haven't been reviewed for safety or efficiency.

Reactions to them could be irritation of the skin, eyes and upper respiratory system as well as headaches.

If you have any of the products on the list, you should stop using them and consult a health care professional if you have used them and have health concerns.

Health Canada updates this list of recalled sanitizers once it becomes aware of more products.

There's also a list for those that are approved for use.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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