Justin Trudeau's Old Tweet From 2013 Is Being Shared To Criticize His WE Associations

It got turned around on him.
Justin Trudeau WE Charity Association Criticized Using PM's 2013 Tweet

Sometimes the things people say in the past come back to haunt them. With social media, those old statements can be dug up even more easily. Unfortunately for Justin Trudeau and his WE Charity associations, his own words have been turned against him.

In a tweet from October 28, 2013, Trudeau wrote, "RT to call on the Prime Minister to testify on the PMO Ethics Scandal under oath. #cdnpoli."

At the time, he likely would have been referring to an investigation into the Senate expenses scandal under Stephen Harper, which involved Canadian senators falsely claiming living and travel expenses.

However, his message about having the former Conservative Prime Minister testify under oath has now re-emerged and been turned against him.

The 2013 tweet has already been retweeted with comments hundreds of times in the last 24 hours. 

This comes in the wake of a Canadaland report that members of the Trudeau family, including the Prime Minister's mother and brother, were paid thousands of dollars for numerous speaking engagements with them.

The organization told Canadaland that most of these speaking engagements were arranged and paid for through their ME to WE Social Enterprise, which is a for-profit wing that runs adjacent to the charity. 

The choice to run the Canada Student Services Grant through WE Charity was seen as controversial.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh both tweeted on July 3 to criticize the Prime Minister's decision to award the contract to WE, even after the organization withdrew from the agreement.

"Trudeau handed a massive $900M contract to a charity with close ties to his family & the Liberal Party. He claimed it was the ‘best and only organization able to deliver’. Conservatives demand an investigation and suddenly the contract is cancelled. Coincidence? I think not," Scheer wrote.

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