Andrew Scheer Got Very Angry At Being Asked About Not Wearing A Mask

He called the question "ridiculous."
Andrew Scheer Was Not Happy About Being Asked Why He Wasn't Wearing A Mask

One of Canada's federal politicians was caught without his mask, and he really doesn't want to be asked about it. Andrew Scheer expressed frustration when he questioned about not wearing a mask. He called the line of inquiry "ridiculous."

During a July 8 press conference concerning Canada's economic snapshot, Scheer was asked by Annie Bergeron-Oliver of CTV News why he wasn't wearing a mask and how he would respond to people who think he isn't taking the pandemic seriously.

Scheer was spotted at a departure gate at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on July 7, where he was sitting and speaking with others while not wearing masks.

The politician immediately said that he did not have anything to add based on the story. 

Bergeron-Oliver continued to press the Conservative leader, asking if he thinks he should be setting an example for Canadians, specifically those who oppose wearing masks.

He said that he was wearing his mask while travelling, and repeated that he had nothing to add, before criticizing the reporter.

"It's hard to believe this is actually your question and your follow-up," Scheer said, before listing off what he wanted to talk about instead, including the $300 billion deficit, "and you want to know how long I had my mask off yesterday after making a phone call? Come on, that's ridiculous."

The MP did not move on, though, and doubled down on his response to Bergeron-Oliver's line of inquiry.

"I think the picture is pretty self-explanatory, and I think my answer yesterday was pretty self-explanatory as well," he said.

"If you want to go, like, analyze social media pictures, if you're looking for some kind of Zapruder film to break down frame by frame, I think that's pretty ridiculous."

Scheer also called the question a "wasted opportunity," before getting back into talking about today's economic snapshot.

Before he could move on to other business, he was asked again about his mask by CBC Reporter Olivia Stefanovich about his mask. He confirmed that he did have one, but would not say more on the matter.