Justin & Sophie Trudeau's Canada Day Video Was Invaded By A Huge Bug (VIDEO)

A sign of summer.
Justin Trudeau's Canada Day Address In Ottawa Had A Bug Landing On His Shirt
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When you're outside at a farm during the summer there's bound to be some bugs. The prime minister learned that firsthand. Justin Trudeau's Canada Day address in Ottawa included a visit from a bug that attached itself to his shirt.

On July 1, Trudeau visited the Ottawa Food Bank Farm with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and their three children.

While there, the couple addressed Canadians and wished everyone a happy Canada Day. 

"This year is unlike any other," Trudeau said. "The last few months have been hard and on this Canada Day, we need to continue to be there for each other.

He also reiterated a point he has made before, that Canada is special not because it's the best country in the world but because it could be.

"We know our work together is not yet done," he said.

Then right near the end of the remarks, a huge bug flew into frame and landed on Trudeau's shirt.

Since the address was taking place outside on a farm, it's no surprise that a bug made an appearance.

It was on his chest, right by the buttons of his shirt before it flew up to the collar.

Both the Prime Minister and Grégoire Trudeau were unfazed by the intruder and just continued on talking.

During the remarks, Grégoire Trudeau gave a shout-out to the volunteers at the Ottawa Food Bank Farm for harvesting vegetables for those in need.

"Justin and I and the kids were so happy to be able to lend a hand," she said.

She also posted a picture on Instagram of them all at the farm and recognized the work being done by the people there.

This isn't the first time pesky bugs have crashed Trudeau's addresses.

He visited a cafe in Quebec in June where a bug landed on his face twice.

"Great to be out in the country," he said with a laugh then.

In May, a wasp invaded his press conference and got so close to his eye he had to swat it away.

Trudeau shared another Canada Day message but it was a little less laid back than the one at the farm.

Instead of the slightly unbuttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up, he was in a suit and tie outside of Rideau Cottage.

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