Justin Trudeau Took His Press Conference On A Field Trip To A Super Cute Quebec Cafe

He gave his address from the outdoor patio.
Justin Trudeau Took A Field Trip To A Super Quebec Cafe For His Press Conference
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He's on the road. Justin Trudeau visited a cafe with a beautiful outdoor patio in Quebec to hold a press conference. It was like a little field trip!

On June 19, the prime minister took his press conference on the road and visited Biscotti & cie, a cute little coffee shop in Chelsea, Quebec.

Trudeau paid the cafe a visit to highlight businesses that are using and benefiting from the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.

He highlighted the work Biscotti & cie has done during the pandemic to protect customers and employees like changing the menu to make ordering easier and introducing protocols.

The cafe is part of the same family as Chelsea Pub, la Maison Bleue and the Lofts du Village and the wage subsidy was used to rehire 75 employees there.

Speaking in French, Trudeau said that small businesses create jobs, feed the growth of the economy and enrich communities. 

While he spoke on the outdoor patio, people sat at tables and watched.

In a video of his remarks, you can actually see one person come out from the cafe to take a picture of Trudeau.

Near the end of the press conference, a bug landed on Trudeau's face twice that he had to swat away.

After the second situation, he said "great to be out in the country."

The cafe is part of Old Chelsea Square and offers coffee, of course, along with homemade pastries, desserts, sandwiches, salads and even pizza.

There is seating inside but the real beauty of this place is the outdoor areas.

Attached to the coffee shop is a covered seating area and beyond that is the outdoor patio where Trudeau spoke.

Tables are surrounded by lush greenery in the spring and summer and there's even a fire pit to light up the evenings.

While you might have been distracted by the change of scenery with Trudeau's press conference, he addressed some important things.

That includes the creation of 500 green internships for young people in STEM, energy, forestry, mining, earth sciences, and clean technology sectors.

Those jobs range from six months to a year.

Trudeau also talked about the new contact tracing app and funding.

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