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This Hidden Lookout Tower Near Ottawa Will Give You The Best Fall Views

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If you are searching for a lookout tower near Ottawa to enjoy the fall leaves, we know just the spot.

One hour from the city, you can head to The Parc Des Montagnes Noires De Ripon.

For an $8 admission fee, you can climb their 12-metre tall observation building.

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Reaching the lookout point is super easy, even if you hate hiking.

You can park at the P2 parking lot and walk a one-kilometre section of the Belvedere trail.

The entire journey takes minutes, but it is well worth it to enjoy the 360-degree view above the trees.

The structure has multiple levels, but if you aren't afraid to heights, go straight to the top.

There you can enjoy the ultimate view of golden and ruby foliage that is so stunning you'll want to return next year.

Parc Des Montagnes Noires De Ripon

Price: $8.00

Address: 39 Chemin de la Montagne Noire, Ripon, QC

Why You Need To Go: It is a local fall gem away from the crowds.

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