Nature just got nocturnal. You can now explore Quebec's Parc Omega by night since their super enchanted event is back for the 2020 season. Starting at the end of July, illuminated trails will guide visitors through a magical, mystical tour. 

The park, which is not far from Ottawa, announced the return of the event on Facebook. It officially starts on July 29. 

A 1.5km walking trail is illuminated with lights and sounds for what they promise will be an "immersive experience" to help guests "discover the beauty of nature at night." 

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According to its website, the journey will start at dusk. After taking off through an enchanted forest, visitors will come across a marsh with frogs and crickets singing away. 

Then comes some of the more manufactured parts of the evening like an enormous moose sculpture and a projection of two elks in battle. 

After that, the trail goes by the moon-lit wolf observatory where you can peep the pack up close. Hopefully, none of them turn into werewolves! 

There are also other exciting, experiences along the way like The Circle Of Life and The Milky Way. 

While Parc Omega says the trail is easy, people do need to be prepared to walk. 

They warn that it's about 1.5km and there's even a bit of an incline. The whole walk takes about an hour, but that of course depends on how fast you're going. 

Tickets for the experience are on sale now. They cost $24.99 for anyone 16 and older. Kids aged 5-15 are $17.99 and anyone under 5-years-old gets in for free. 

They are currently having a pre-sale with 25% off ticket prices until July 28. 

This year the park has put special measures in place due to COVID-19. 

Tickets must be bought online ahead of time and there are only 150 spots available per time slot, to limit how many people are on the trail at once. 

There are hand sanitizer dispensers and other cleaning measures along the route as well. 

Masks aren't mandatory for the whole trail but it's recommended that you bring them. The park says they will be required if you want to go on the ground floor of the wolf observatory. 

Omega By Night

Price: $24.99 for people over 16-years-old.

When: Starting July 29. 

Address: 399 QC-323, Montebello, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: To journey through an enchanted, illuminated nature experience at night. 

Parc Omega