Ontario MPP Defends Decision To Get Vaccine After Ford Says He Was 'Jumping The Line'

Sol Mamakwa says the comments were 'very disrespectful.'
Ontario MPP Says He Did Not 'Jump The Line' To Get COVID-19 Vaccination
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An Ontario MPP says Premier Ford was "very disrespectful" when he accused him of skipping the line to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Premier Ford accused Sol Mamakwa, the NDP MPP of the Kiiwetinoong riding in Northern Ontario, of "jumping the line" during the Ontario Parliamentary session on Thursday, March 11.

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Mamakwa is a member of the Kingfisher Lake First Nation. He told Narcity he chose to receive the vaccine because he wanted to help increase the number of Indigenous people who would feel comfortable receiving a dose themselves.

"I think those words that [Ford] said undermine and damage the vaccination efforts that we're trying to do," Mamakwa said.

"It's a lack of compassion and an indifference about saving lives."

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on the vaccines and can answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer