One Ontario MPP is getting hands-on in his region by volunteering to administer COVID-19 vaccines himself.

Jeff Yurek, the MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London, has spent one day vaccinating his constituents and is already planning more sessions.

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Yurek is a registered pharmacist, and he asked local health regions in early February if they needed extra help administering vaccine doses at their clinics.

They said yes, and so on Friday, February 26, Yurek stepped into the Western Fair District Agriplex for an "amazing" first shift.

"Seeing the relief in their eyes once they received the vaccine was a very gratifying experience," Yurek told Narcity.

"I felt really involved in patient care [in a way that] I haven't felt in a while since being in government," he said.

Yurek said he enjoyed every vaccination interaction he had, and he said that being on the frontlines — rather than working up at Queen's Park — really gave him a good perspective on the COVID-19 crisis.

And he said he's ready to keep administering doses for the rest of the vaccine rollout, whether it's for his constituents or his colleagues in Queen's Park.

"If my fellow colleagues want me to stick them with a needle, I'll gladly vaccinate them if their turn is up!" Yurek laughed.