Ontario & Quebec Are Getting Buried Under 30 cm Of Snow But At Least It's Beautiful

Winter wonderlands!
Ontario & Quebec Snowstorm Has So Much Falling But At Least It's Beautiful
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The Ontario and Quebec snowstorm is bringing up to and even more than 30 centimetres of fluffy flakes to some parts and even though there's a lot of accumulation, at least it's incredibly beautiful to look at.

As the snow falls, people in both provinces have been snapping photos and sharing them on social media.

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Even if you don't like snow, you have to admit this is a beautiful scene — truly a winter wonderland in Ottawa!

Winter has been a little delayed in the country's capital but now it's making itself known in a big way with this snowfall.

This city street covered in snow has this person excited because there's "finally a snowy day in Montreal."

Even dogs are enjoying the fresh powder like this pup who wore a jacket to go play in the snow. 

The storm is snow problem for this pug.

If you love winter and the snow and cold it brings, you probably love this person drinking their morning coffee outdoors wearing nothing but a robe and a toque — how Canadian!

Lisa Belmonte
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