The hockey gloves are off! Ottawa Public Health has been sharing public health information related to COVID-19, and this time they're doing it by poking fun at fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The shade-throwing sparked some light-hearted responses, and the whole interation is just so Canadian.

If you're someone who diligently wears a face mask when you're out and about in public, you may have noticed that it's not the easiest thing wear.

Masks can be awkward for a number of reasons, particularly if you have breathing issues, if it's hot out, or if you don't like having steamed-up glasses.

On Twitter, Ottawa Public Health pointed out the inconvenient nature of face masks, while also stoking the flames of an iconic Ontario hockey rivalry.

"We admit, sometimes wearing a mask in public isn't the most fashionable or comfortable choice," the organization said in a tweet.

Despite that, face masks aren't the most unfashionable and uncomfortable things that Ottawa Public Health could think of.

"But some people wear Leafs jerseys, so yeah. Just saying," the tweet joked.

The message was such a Canadian way to encourage locals to keep wearing their masks, per Ottawa's public health advice.

While most people seemed to appreciate the joke, some Leafs fans were momentarily offended.

Several Twitter users suggested the tweet should be changed to say Senators jersey instead, and others poked fun at the lack of attendance at local games in Ottawa.

One person responded, "Atleast our team has a stanley cup post-1920s."

However, it's actually worse than that, as the Ottawa team hasn't actually won any Stanley Cups.

This isn't the first time that Ottawa Public Health has brought the jokes on Twitter.

The organization trolled people for stockpiling toilet paper when the pandemic first started in Canada.

The health agency even had to tell people that garlic might protect you from vampires but it doesn't do the same for COVID-19!

When the flu season began, Ottawa Public Health took shots at pineapple on pizza, and joking about how it doesn't help anything.

While not all Leafs fans appreciated the latest joke, we can all rely on the health agency to keep us smiling during these tough times!