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Ottawa’s New Giant Watermelon Froyo Bowls Are A Tasty Way To Beat The Heat

It is bigger than your head! 🍉

When the temperature outside is scorching hot, there is no tastier way to cool down than ice cream. So, the next time you are craving froyo in Ottawa, you should treat yourself to these giant watermelon bowls.

Forget about sitting in front of the air conditioner. Instead, you can cool off with Insta Bolz's new supersized watermelon dessert.

But the best part is you get to customize it with all your favourite toppings.

Not only do you get to pick the fruit blended into your froyo, but you can add as many candies, cereal, nuts, fruit, chocolate and sauces as you want.

So if you are looking for a fun date idea, look no further. Not only can you enjoy a sugar-rush, but the two of you can compare which flavours you picked.

Insta Bolz

Price: $12.97 ($9.97 for a regular smoothie bowl)

Cuisine: Smoothie bowls

Address: 261 Laurier Ave. E., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: If watermelon isn't your thing, they also have some other tasty options like their Meet The Netflix Break, which comes with caramel popcorn, Kit Kat, strawberries and granola.


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