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Ottawa Just Introduced A Mandatory Mask Bylaw & You Could Get Fined Up To $400

The bylaw will remain in effect until at least August 26, 2020.

On Wednesday, July 15, it was confirmed that city council had passed a new bylaw, making face masks mandatory in the City’s indoor public spaces. Ottawa’s new mask bylaw requires the mask to fully cover your nose, mouth and chin at all times.

During the city council meeting, there was much discussion about enforcement and fines. Violating the rules could land you a fine from $200 to $400. The Ontario Court of Justice is expected to set the exact cost. 

$200 - $400

Is the expected fine for those refusing to wear a mask.

That said, officials say the primary objective of the mask bylaw is to “educate and inform,” rather than issue fines and tickets.

The new bylaw is expected to remain in effect until at least August 26, 2020.

On July 6, Ottawa's medical officer of health was able to make masks mandatory under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. This policy was enforced in "good faith" only.

Via CTV News

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