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You Can Rent This Yurt Cabin In Ottawa Where A UFO Was Apparently Spotted

How about an extraterrestrial-inspired trip?!

If you’ve been dreaming about escaping the City, how about an Ottawa Airbnb with a mysterious and spooky past? You can rent an Ottawa yurt cabin just minutes from downtown, and it’s a pretty impressive property. That said, you’ll want to watch out for unusual occurrences, as this location was apparently once home to a UFO sighting!

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Located on 100 acres of countryside property, Ottawa’s isolation yurt cabin is a pretty unique Airbnb experience.

While it looks pretty rustic on the outside, it’s surprisingly charming inside, and it’s decorated to a high standard with all of the necessary amenities.

According to the host’s listing, this is the perfect spot for nature lovers and wildlife seekers. It’s surrounded by pine trees and you can fall asleep to the sound of “howling winds, crackling cedar trees and coyote calls.”

That said, there’s another noise you should be listening out for at night. The sound of a UFO, perhaps?

This yurt is actually located on the site of a 1992 UFO sighting, and a pretty famous one at that. In fact, the spot was even featured on an old episode of Unsolved Mysteries!

The site, which is located in West Carleton, has attracted UFO researchers and TV crews for many years, and is still luring filmmakers in 2020!

Olga | Airbnb

If you were hoping to live-stream your possible extraterrestrial experiences, it’s worth noting that there won't be any wifi.

This place is almost totally off-grid, although there is access to a wood stove for cooking and making coffee, and water for drinking and hand washing.

Olga | Airbnb

While you won’t have access to some home comforts here, you will have free reign of the surrounding forest, trails and outhouse.

This means that brave explorers can get up-close-and-personal with the UFO site, and perhaps even see something spooky themselves!

Olga | Airbnb

If you’re really into UFO stories, the host even offers to share a link with more information about the site, and its stint on the show Unsolved Mysteries.

Olga | Airbnb

Isolation Yurt Cabin 




Neighbourhood: Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you want to experience an Ottawa rental like no other, look no further. This eerie place has a weird and mysterious history, and you'll have free reign to explore the site. Just watch out for UFOs, eh?

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