Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Started The Weekend With An Adorable Pic Of Justin In Dad-Mode

A shot of that at-home action.
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Posted An Adorable Weekend Photo Of Justin & The Kids

It's yet another summer weekend, meaning that some people might be planning ways to get out, while others are staying in. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and her family appear to be doing the latter. She started Friday with an adorable family photo.

In a July 3 Instagram post, the Prime Minister's wife shared a photo of Justin Trudeau, along with his kids Ella-Grace and Hadrien, who is planting a kiss on his dad's cheek.

While the couple's third child, Xavier, did not appear in the picture, he was not left out of Sophie's message.

"Can’t get enough of these three (and Xav!) 💖" she wrote in her caption, "You guys have my heart."

Sophie's Instagram is filled with photos of her family, often showing that outside of the spotlight, Justin Trudeau seems like any other dad.

Most recently, Sophie appeared with Justin in a video address for Canada Day, where a pesky bug got stuck to his shirt. These things happen when you're hanging out at a farm, though.

Sophie has been through a lot this year, having tested positive for COVID-19 after a charity event in London.

After she made a recovery, she donated some of her plasma to a Canadian study on the virus, following in the shoes of Tom Hanks, who did the same thing back in April.

Sophie has also entered the world of podcasting, just to add another activity to what has already been an eventful 2020.

The WE Well-Being podcast, which Sophie hosts in both English and French, features prominent Canadian guests and discussions about mental health.

Tessa Virtue and Sophie's mother-in-law, Margaret Trudeau, have already appeared on the show.

With so much going on in the world, and even more attention being paid to what politicians are saying and doing, it's refreshing to get a reminder that those who lead are just themselves when they're at home.

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