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A Hilarious Petition For Canada To Invade The US Has Over 40,000 Signatures

They said we have a functioning democracy & Tim Hortons.

Canada is not perfect, but some people in the U.S. are comparing the two and saying how much worse they seem. At The Daily Show, they have asked their northern neighbours to help out with a simple solution. They want Canada to invade them.

In a video shared in a June 11 tweet, the show's correspondents make the passionate (and hilarious) case for a Canadian invasion of their nation.

The tweet includes a link to the petition, which lists some of America's failures such as policing, elections, and Quibi.

"Canada has a functioning democracy and Tim Hortons," the petition reads, "and its leader has never gassed his own people for a photo op."

You can click on "sign" to see how many people have gotten behind this wild idea. As of writing, the petition has been "signed" over 41,500 times.

"If there's one thing America knows, it's when a country needs democracy, you invade it," Roy Wood Jr. says in the video.

"We're right next to you," correspondent Michael Kosta adds, "just invade us for the weekend and see if you like it."

Jaboukie Young-White adds that some states are basically already Canadian, listing off Minnesota, Maine, and the non-Detroit parts of Michigan.

The video also allows some of the cast to get in a few good shots at Canada's own problems.

"We'll still have racism," says Dulcé Sloan, "but it'll be polite, Canadian racism, with a smile."

Invade Us, Canada | Screenshot

There's also a solid shot at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with Wood saying "we did great under our last black president, we're willing to try yours," before flashing a photo of Trudeau in blackface.

Recent protests sparked by police brutality against Black people in the United States have sparked similar events in Canada, which have highlighted the country's own inherent police biases against Indigenous communities and people of colour.