This Magical Ice Castle Is 4 Hours From Ottawa & You Can Get Lost In Mesmerizing Tunnels

Get ready to sing "Let It Go!" ❄️🏰

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Woman in a blue dress by the Ice Castle. Right: Ice Castle wall.

Woman in a blue dress by the Ice Castle. Right: Ice Castle wall.

You can have a real-life Elsa moment at this majestic ice castle outside of Ontario. Featuring glistening walls and frosty tunnels, the attraction is straight out of the movie Frozen and it makes for a magical winter road trip.

Ice Castles is an enchanting "winter phenomenon that brings fairytales to life." The experience has five different locations across the USA, with the New York location being the closest to Ontario (about a four hour drive from Ottawa).

Ice Castles New York is set to open on February 3, weather permitting. You can visit a dazzling palace built entirely of ice that will bring your Disney dreams to life.

The castle is built with up to ten thousand icicles which are hand-placed and sprayed with water each day so that they grow. The fortress can take two months or longer to complete and the finished product is about 20 feet tall.

You can get lost in glistening tunnels, wander past sparkling fountains, and sit on a glassy throne. There are even ice slides for you to fly down for some extra winter fun.

This year, the New York location has a new ice bar called Polar Pub where you can grab a themed boozy drink. There's also a new winter light walk where you can stroll along an illuminated path.

Tickets can be purchased online and start at $22 for ages 12 and up. The attraction will likely be open until late February or early March, depending on the weather.

Don't forget your passport if you're planning on visiting this spot.

Ice Castles

Price: $22 + for ages 12 and uo

When: Opening February 3, 2023, weather dependant

Address: Charles R. Wood Park, 19 W Brook Rd., Lake George, NY

Why You Need To Go: You can unleash your inner Elsa at this magical ice castle that's a road trip away from Ottawa.


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Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
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