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Canada's Deputy PM Says The U.S. Election Outcome Will Be 'Significant' For Canada

The federal government has already started preparing. 🇨🇦

What happens on November 3 could have a significant impact on Canada. That’s the message coming from Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who recently addressed the upcoming U.S. election.

Speaking at the Toronto Global Forum on October 28, the deputy PM and finance minister admitted that “either outcome” on Tuesday would be extremely important to Canada.

“What I would like to assure Canadians is just as in 2016, we prepared then carefully for any possible election outcome,” Freeland said.

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[...] When it comes to the U.S. election next week, either outcome will be significant for Canada.

Chrystia Freeland

Freeland went on to confirm that the federal government has spent “a lot of time” analyzing each possible outcome, and what they could mean for Canada.

She added that, like the past four years, the government would continue to “manage” the relationship between both countries, regardless of the election result.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a similar message last week, assuring Canadians that he was preparing for "a range of contingencies."

When it comes to Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Canadians have made it clear who they prefer, with one poll showing that just 14% of Canucks would vote to reelect the current president.

The U.S. presidential election will take place on Tuesday, November 3.

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