Jagmeet Singh Just Launched A Petition To Get Canadians 10 Paid Sick Days A Year

"No one should lose pay for being sick," said Singh.
Paid Sick Days: Jagmeet Singh Started A Petition To Get Canadians 10 Paid Sick Days A Year

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of paid sick days has become an extremely contentious issue. 

Now, Jagmeet Singh is calling on Justin Trudeau's government to "fix the program for those who need it by making it easier to access and faster to receive help."

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The PM can show leadership by legislating 10 paid sick days for all federally regulated workers. Jagmeet Singh

The NDP leader wrote in a Twitter thread that "no one should lose pay for being sick."

"Canadians want to do the right thing and stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. We have to give them the support and the tools they need to do it," he said in an additional tweet, adding a link to a petition by the NDP. 

The petition says that a large portion of COVID-19 cases come from workplaces as a result of workers not having paid sick days. 

The petition wants workers to be able to take sick leaves one or two days at a time, get paid in full for the missed days, get paid in a timely manner and be protected from losing their jobs for calling in sick.

Politicians such as Toronto's Mayor John Tory have spoken out about the same issue. 

"This is an urgent issue that is causing people to go to work sick," said Tory.