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A Six-Figure Donation To PETA Will Be Honored Despite Botched Super Bowl Interception

Sunday night's Super Bowl did not go in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs, but one play was able to score a massive donation to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Prior to the game, an anonymous fan pledged a $100,000 donation to PETA if Tyrann Mathieu, aka the Honeybadger, got an interception during the game.

Mathieu did get an interception but it was taken back by a holding call against the Chiefs.

Fortunately for PETA, it seems the anonymous donor believes it was good enough.

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The dogs didn’t deserve that call, and neither did Tyrann. PETA

Despite the play being called back, PETA announced that an "angry fan" went ahead and made the huge donation after the "unfair call."

PETA says the money will be used to help inform people about the dangers of leaving dogs inside a car during the summer and leaving them chained outside during the winter.

Mathieu has starred in two viral videos showcasing the effects these situations have on a pro-NFL football player.

This first one was to see how long he could last in a hot car.

In the second video, he locks himself in a freezer to see what it is like for dogs who are locked up outside in the freezing cold temperatures.

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