You Still Have Time To See A Stunning Comet Zoom Across Arizona Skies This Month

No binoculars needed!
See Comet NEOWISE Streak Across The Sky This Month & It's Visible In Arizona

It's happening — a rare occurrence throughout mid-July will allow you to see comet NEOWISE streak across the sky, and it's visible in Arizona. 

You still have plenty of time to watch it zoom past the Earth as it will make its closest approach to the planet on July 22.  


Comet NEOWISE has been getting brighter and brighter in the early-morning sky, and in the coming days, it will make an appearance in the evening after sunset.


According to AccuWeather, the best time to view the sky display is in the evening after sunset in the "northwest, just below the Big Dipper." 

You won't need binoculars to see it; however, a telescope will help you get more intimate details of the comet. 

Since comet NEOWISE will get dimmer as the month goes by, it's best to catch a glimpse sooner rather than later.

Via AccuWeather

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