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Pixar's New Movie Will Take You On An Italian Summer Vacation

You won't want to miss this one. 🏖
Pixar's New Movie Will Take You On An Italian Summer Vacation

Traveling to Italy during the summer is just a dream for many, but Pixar is actually bringing the country's beauty straight to you in their new film coming out this year.

On Thursday, Pixar released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming summer flick, Luca, which follows newly formed friends through their summer adventures on the Italian coast, but there's a twist.

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All seems normal until the two boys jump into the crystal clear water and transform into magical sea creatures.

The two will have the challenge of keeping their magical abilities a secret as they live in a fishing village.

The movie brings in the talent of Jacob Tremblay, who is best known for starring in Wonder and Room, along with Jack Dylan Grazer from Shazam! and It (2017).

Movieweb reports director Enrico Casarosa says the movie is "deeply personal" for him, and that it is based on his childhood.

"I was born in Genoa, and my summers were spent on beaches," said Casarosa, "I met my best friend when I was 11. I was really shy and I found this troublemaker of a kid who had a completely different life. I wanted to make a movie about those kinds of friendships that help you grow up."

You can look forward to watching Luca this summer when it releases in June.

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