Canadian Delivery Orders Prove That Potatoes Are A Straight Up Delicacy Across The Country

Move over Tim Hortons, it's tater time!
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Potatoes In Canada Are So Popular & SkipTheDishes Delivery Orders Prove It

Whatever form it comes in, Canadians are eating it! Potatoes in Canada are so popular that people have been ordering them basically in bulk recently. Delivery orders from across the country really show just how much people are obsessed with the spuds.

Have you been ordering food through delivery apps recently? If you've included fries, hashbrowns, or mashed goodness in your orders, you're definitely not alone.

SkipTheDishes released statistics about just how many of the root vegetables Canadians have been ordering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems like time at home has really made people crave spuds in all their glorious forms.

The app saw customers order 72% more potato items during the pandemic than before with almost seven million pounds being sold.

Canadians are so into this versatile vegetable that one in every four orders at a restaurant with the delivery service includes a dish made from it.

Takeout deliveries from the various eateries have become a big way to get this product sold.

This is great news for Candian potato growers who have been in a bind during the pandemic after restaurants had to close down or reduce operations, causing a decrease in demand.

When it comes to taters, one province really took a liking to them the last couple of months.

Potato orders have absolutely skyrocketed in New Brunswick with a 102% increase, the highest of any place in the country.

Canada's east coast has been big on spuds. P.E.I and New Brunswick had the highest percentage of orders that included fries.

That's not really a surprise considering the island is the country's largest grower of the stuff.

However, Ontario reigns supreme when it comes to the most orders of this in total.

Across Canada, every one in six orders at a restaurant includes french fries though that increases to one in five in Quebec.

With SkipTheDishes, 88% of all potato orders are fries.

They're most often ordered at 5:00 p.m. and hashbrowns are ordered most often at 9:00 a.m.

In December 2019, there was actually a risk of having a spud shortage in Canada because of increased demand and bad weather reducing harvests.

However, just a couple of months later a potato vault had to be created because Canadians weren't eating enough french fries due to shutdowns.

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