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7 Poutine Recipes From TikTok That Might Make You Want To Get Rid Of Your Canadian Citizenship

But some of them do look pretty delicious. 👀

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Poutine ultra fromage. Right: The 15 hour poutine.

Poutine ultra fromage. Right: The 15 hour poutine.

Poutine is probably Canada's biggest contribution to the world of food. It's basically synonyms with Canadiana!

Who knew just three ingredients – fries, gravy, and cheese curds – could be the thing that everyone thinks about when they think of Canadian food.

But, TikTok holds nothing sacred, not even dishes of national pride like poutine.

Taking a scroll through the app shows some of the wildest and wacky poutine hacks and recipes that will make you want to hand in your Canadian citizenship.

From chicken shawarma poutine to some that probably should never be mentioned again, TikTok is really the wild west when it comes to our national dish.

"Close enough" poutine


she told me to “poutine” so i made this #easyrecipes

This recipe upon first look seems okay. At a glance, it looks like it has all the ingredients, but if you keep watching, it really lives up to its name.

The recipe calls for crinkle-cut oven fries and low-moisture mozzarella cheese, not cheese curds. What makes this especially bad is that the "gravy" is made out of butter, flour, salt and pepper and water – bouillon base optional. Yikes!

But hey, at least the TikTok knows that this is nowhere near the real thing and their recipe is merely there to "get you through a mental breakdown."

Chicken shawarma poutine


Chicken Shawarma Poutine 🥵 You have to try this recipe 🤤details on IG #snackbreak #fasting #shawarma #middleeastern #chicken #poutine #canada

Looking for some fusion cuisine? The only thing that makes this chicken shawarma poutine close to the real thing is that its french fries are covered in another thing.

The fries are loaded up with marinated chicken, garlic mayo, sesame yogurt and some fresh herbs. While you might not win any points if you serve this to a Quebecer, it does look really delicious and worth giving a shot.

Poutine pizza


Poutine Pizza 🍕 #fyp #cookinghacks #comedy #lol #weird #adultswim #food #foryou

Another fusion of poutine with another culture. While this one might not win any taste test awards, it gets a lot of points for pure audacity.

Not only does the TikToker use curds on the pizza, but they also smother it with mozzarella and cheddar. And yes, they do say it's a 7/10, but that remains to be fully verified by anyone else.

On the other hand, it is two great things coming together.

Maple gravy poutine


Canada poutine tutorial 🇨🇦 #fyp#fries#foryou#canada#foryoupage#tutorial#recipe#fypage#fried#poutine#howto#deepfry#gravy#4upage#food#syrup#fy#cooking

This recipe might be more Canadian than the classic recipe. The TikToker even goes through the pain of actually cooking a chicken with maple syrup and using its drippings for the gravy.

Where things go a little overboard is when they add maple syrup to the gravy. And you know what, that might actually be tasty. A little sweetness never hurt anybody.

Poutine ultra fromage


Répondre à @queenzie_babyy poutine Ultra Fromage! #poutine #foodtiktok #food #comfortfood #cheese #poutinetok #poutinetime #poutineday #poutinefest

For those who are lactose intolerant, you might want to skip this one.

In this francophone video, a chef makes what might be the cheesiest poutine ever. The fries are first put on a bed of cheese and then topped with curds, mozzarella, and gravy.

But, it gets cheesier. They add deep-fried cheese sticks and top it with a Velveeta sauce. Looks like the kind of meal that will tire you out after a few bites.

15 hour poutine


idk why she said poutine like that 🤨 also this took way to long… 😵‍💫 #15hourpotato #poutine #potato #fypdongggggggg

This gourmet take on the classic dish is made using some high-end cooking skills.

The poutine is great to make if you have a spare day or more. You can see the TikToker making the gravy from scratch, even going as far as putting it through a strainer.

As for the "fries" aspect, they make a deep-fried potato gratin. Perfect for eating with a raised pinky.

Pogo poutine


Poutine au croustillant de pogo! #food #foodtiktok #comfortfood #pogo

Remember Pogos? This way of making poutine will fire up some nostalgia with the Pogo and poutine pairing. For those not in the know, a Pogo is just a frozen corn dog and this poutine is absolutely covered in them.

The TikToker even goes as far as scraping the leftover fried batter from the stick so nothing is left behind. Now that's a dedication to the art of butchering some poutine.

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