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Qantas Is Offering Unlimited Free Flights & Other Prizes To Vaccinated Travellers

One of the "mega prizes" is unlimited free flights for a whole year.

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Qantas Is Offering Free Flights As Prizes For Vaccinated Travellers

Australian airline Qantas is offering free flights for a whole year, among other prizes, as an incentive for customers to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

Sharing details of the new initiative on Monday, the company's CEO confirmed that at least ten "mega prizes" would be offered as part of the vaccine incentive program.

The "mega prize" allows families of four free unlimited travel with Qantas and Jetstar airlines for a whole year, according to Bloomberg.

The company is also offering air miles, flight vouchers, discounts and loyalty program status credits as prizes to fully vaccinated customers.

Describing it as a "Team Australia moment," the Qantas CEO urged other companies to get involved by rewarding those who've received their COVID-19 vaccine.

It comes as vaccine hesitancy in the country is concerning experts, with one study finding that a third of Australian respondents were unlikely to get vaccinated.

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